TCA Abu Dhabi’s hotel, hotel apartment and resort accommodation classification scheme was produced in close stakeholder collaboration and features an online facility, which facilitates stakeholder access.

This sustainable system, which combines mandatory and scoring methodologies, delivers quality standardisation and classification, enhances tourism standards and encourages their continuous improvement. In general, all applicants have to meet minimum standards for overall general safety and security, bedrooms and bathrooms, public areas and services and amenities and rating is on a scoring system covering accommodation, guest service and restaurants.

Hotels and resorts are classified on a sliding scale of one star to five stars, and hotel apartments are classified as either standard, superior or deluxe.

And, because classification systems require periodic refreshment to reflect the growth and dynamism of the destination they serve, an upgrade to this one-of-a-kind system is now in the pipeline. This soon-to-be launched system will incorporate several new aspects, including a category for exceptional properties which are deemed to be superior to the normal five-star criteria, will introduce new categories such as beach hotels and airport hotels, and will also absorb TCA Abu Dhabi’s Green Hotel guidelines.

Please click the links below to view TCA Abu Dhabi’s Hotel and Hotel Apartment classification manuals.

Hotel Classification System Manual
Hotel Apartment Classification System Manual

or go to our Online Services to access E-classification System.​​

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