While developing into a world-class and modern tourism destination the sector must continue to contribute to the local community while promoting, protecting and respecting Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage. This includes the development of industry employees; increasing the number of Emiratis involved in the sector; engagement with the local community in its future development and ensuring that the industry is both inclusive and accessible to all through regulation.

Industry Emiratisation
Currently Emiratis make up 1% of Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector workforce. This is set to increase over the coming years with the Authority’s proactive support via training and educational initiatives.

Industry Professional Development
Our Industry Professional Development department oversees the following sections:

Training and Accreditation; and
Industry Awareness.
The department’s mandate is to collaborate with stakeholders to raise the level of professionalism within Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry. The department is responsible for promoting compliance of the tourism regulatory framework by sharing best industry practices, assessing training needs and organising training programmes to address them.

Its key roles are:

To identify Abu Dhabi tourism industry manpower development needs;
To conduct professional development programmes, such as training workshops and seminars as well as research initiatives in collaboration with ‬ local and international educational institutions;
To entice UAE nationals to seek employment within the tourism sector.
Having identified training as key to upgrading Abu Dhabi’s tourism services, the Authority has implemented a comprehensive tourism training plan as part of its overall industry professional development strategy.

The Authority’s industry development training plan builds long-term destination competitiveness by supporting the delivery of world-class service standards through a human resource pool of well-trained, committed and dedicated professionals.

The plan also identifies and designs adequate training opportunities for UAE nationals thereby enabling them to take up key tourism sector roles.

Click here to visit our dedicated training programme and online registration page .

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