Noche Flamenca’s Antigona


Noche Flamenca’s Antigona

This is a powerful retelling of Sophocles’ classic play through flamenco music and dance.

Antigone was the first feminine heroine written for the stage. She was not afraid to show her strength, her pain, and her passion, all attributes that are deep at the heart of flamenco. Noche Flamenca’s Antigona reinterprets the text and themes of Sophocles’ classic play featuring the fiery talent of acclaimed dancer Soledad Barrio, to depict the battle between an individual, disenfranchised woman and the authority of the state and its patriarchy.

Date & Time
Apr 06 to Apr 07, 2017 08:00 PM

New York University Abu Dhabi,Abu Dhabi

Contact Info
Tel: +971 2 28 4000

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