Committed to conserving, promoting and leveraging the heritage, culture and traditions of Abu Dhabi emirate, the Authority is charged with supporting the evolution of Abu Dhabi into a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction.

We develop, manage, sponsor and partner public and private sector initiatives to support high-end heritage, cultural, sporting and entertainment events. Our policies, plans and programmes relate to the evolution of a sustainable tourism sector and the preservation of heritage and culture.

Our international destination marketing activities see us work closely with all local, regional and international industry stakeholders to motivate and support product development and to enhance the emirate’s leisure and business tourism propositions.

Backed by a belief that service excellence is a key destination differentiator, the Authority operates a world-class licensing and regulation system designed in collaboration with industry stakeholders. Online licensing has delivered total system transparency and drastically reduced processing times.

We contribute to the local community, including the development of industry employees; increasing the number of Emiratis involved in the sector; engagement with the local community in its future development and ensuring that the industry is both inclusive and accessible to all through regulation.

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